Thursday, September 18, 2014


Hair: *ARGRACE* Akane - Cinnamon
Eyes: Slink Mesh eyelids
Skin: -Belleza- Emily Makeup 1 R
Body: -Belleza- Venus

My post today is all dedicated to Venus from Belleza! (by the way thanks Shyla Diggs and Tricky Boucher) the newest body mesh at market, which in my opinion is the best and most complete of all, it has two versions, one made ​​with Bellezas hands and feet and the other one will be compatible with Slink hands and feet. Also included are the lingerie in 3 colors and 2 pairs of shoes. 
I've been testing it with some clothes and most of them worked, in some cases had to edit my shape (besides the alphas) but it worked perfectly, the alphas HUD is easy to use and very well distributed, there are many  divisions to fit in the best way with the clothing..
All the photos of this post (besides the first, that I edited the hair and lights) are without edition from the neck down, and as you guys can see the body is perfect, very well defined. 
What I liked most, what fascinated me was the boobs, I particularly like the fallen boobs, not as "ball" and more "droplet", think more delicate, then I fall in love!! 

Well below has more descriptions of techniques huds and everything that comes in it

Clothes tab:
- 3 different lingerie (Black, Nude and White)
- 2 different shoes (Black and White)

Feet tab:
- 3 different feet heights to select from
- Just Design feet option
- 20 nail polish options

Skin tab:
- 7 Belleza skin tones to match all of our previous Belleza releases
- 16 skin tone presets that you can use to work with numerous other skins on the market
- 8 slots to save skin appliers (you will be able to save them in the hud as other creators releae them)
- On/Off switches for your 3 mesh layers - tattoos, underwear & clothing layers

Breast tab:
- Natural & Cleavage push up options
- 7 Nipple textures

Hands tab:
- 16 different hand poses with the ability to change for both right and left hands.
- 3 nail lengths 
- 20 nail polish options

 Alpha tab:
- You can toggle off areas of the body using one of the buttons (neck, nipples arms, etc.) or you can directly select areas of the body that you want to show/hide.

INFO tab:
- Links to various useful Belleza related information

If you click on the Belleza logo it will minimize the tab and the X will detach the HUD.

*Important note:  When editing appearance it is best to do so by using the menu bar instead of selecting directly on your avatar.  Selecting the mesh may cause you to crash.

**When wearing the Slink version please note the following:
- Some of the body the HUD features will work mostly the same with the exception of the hands and feet tabs - they will not interact with the Slink version of the body.  
- We have included a special applier HUD to easily match your Slink attachments to our skin presets in the full HUD.
- Fitting at the wrist and ankle will depend on shape settings. For Slink small hands/feet - torso and leg muscle slider setting of 50 will give you the best fit. 
- You will NOT have full use of the fitted mesh sliders using the Slink version because of the arm and leg limitations due to the attachment points.

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